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Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory


We support scholars, practitioners, organizations, and institutions interested in the rapid advance of theory and practice in the social sciences for the betterment of our world

About us 


Locally and globally we face seemingly impossible problems. The knowledge for resolving those problems should be found in the theories of the social sciences (economics, political science, policy, business, psychology, sociology, anthropology and others). However, “normal” science is advancing that theoretical knowledge only slowly. Our problems are growing faster than our solutions.

We have developed breakthrough methods for accelerating the improvement of theoretical knowledge that is highly useful in practical application for understanding and resolving the problems of the world.

Practical Mapping

Most of the approaches may be found in our new book, “Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation” from SAGE Publications.



Our partners and Fellows provide services that are innovative and collaborative, including:

  • Policy research
  • Applied research for rapid, effective, and sustainable improvement
  • Academic research
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Improving the capacity of academic and/or research organizations
  • Teaching breakthrough research methods
Building your Science Accelerator

Working at any level of scale (individual, classroom, department, school, college, university, corporation, global coalition, etc.) we help you assemble experts and stakeholders within and between disciplines; providing instruction in breakthrough methods, we help you rapidly advance theory and practice in your field of interest.




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